How To Keep Baby Socks On?

One of the common challenges that most mothers experience is, babies won’t keep socks on. The cute “little monkey” can’t seem to keep his socks on, which can be quite frustrating, especially for first-time parents. So how to keep baby socks on? This article is all about to your help. Keep reading.

How to keep baby socks on?

Well, if you are in this situation, don’t worry; I have solutions to your problems. Here are 5 tricks to keep kids socks on. Stick with me.

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Buy Socks that help keep Baby’s Socks On

From numerous specifically designed to help keep the baby’s socks in place. A good example is the all famous Sock Ons Baby Socks.[Amazon]

  • This product helps maintain the baby’s socks in place by holding them in position. All you have to do is to put it over the kid’s socks.
  • Sock On are available in unique designs, shapes, and colors. They exist in two main sizes, i.e., size 0 to 6 months and size 6 to 12 months.

Choose Right Sized Socks for your Baby

  • Select kid socks that are neither loose nor too tight. Loose or big-sized socks tend to come off readily, and therefore, the baby can easily remove them while rubbing his foot on the sheet, blanket, or mattress.
  • It is also important to note that tight socks can cause “Socks-line hyperpigmentation” or sock line scarring in the place where the cuff of the sock holds the baby’s leg.

Footed Clothing or Outfits

  • Baby will not keep socks on, but you can keep on by dressing him/her with footed outfits such as jammies or rompers.
  • It prevents the baby from accessing and removing the socks.

Choose Quality Socks

  • Select quality socks with specially designed heels, cuffs, and toes that make it hard for the baby to remove.
  • Ensure that the socks are made of high-quality fabric that is comfortable and has non-skidding heels. A comfortable sock reduces the baby’s urge to remove them.

Baby Booties and “Pant-overs”

  • Baby booties offer a different option than baby socks. You can dress your angle in booties alone (without socks) or booties plus socks – depending on the weather.
  • Pant-over is pants or outfits that are made of stretchy fabric that permit the pants legs to extend or slide over the cuffs of the socks. This helps to keep the sock in place when the baby is playing or to move around.

Special Tips

  • You can bands or straps to keep baby socks if all failed.
  • Using soft elastic will help keep socks on.

Parting Shot

It is important to note that; ‘socks-removing’ behavior is just a stage that most children go through. In fact, according to pediatricians, babies (age 4 to 6 months) begin to play with their toes and feet while lying on their back.

So, it is just one of those normal baby developmental phases, and it will soon blow over. Follow the above tips, and you will no longer have to worry about lost socks and frequent baby monitoring.