What Was The Reason For Discontinuing Knee High Converse?

Are knee high converse discontinued? What happened to knee high converse? The discontinuation of knee-high Converse sneakers has been a topic of discussion among fans of the brand, with many speculating on the reasons behind this decision. While the exact reasons are not publicly stated by Converse, several factors could have contributed to this decision, including changing fashion trends, brand decisions, and consumer preferences.

What Was The Reason For Discontinuing Knee High Converse?

Knee-high Converse sneakers, a distinctive and bold fashion statement, were discontinued in the early 2000s, primarily due to changing fashion trends. Initially released in the early 1900s as a basketball shoe designed to provide ankle support, these sneakers became a cultural icon, transcending their athletic origins to become a staple in various fashion subcultures. Despite their popularity, the late 1990s saw a decline in their appeal, leading to their discontinuation in 2006

Fashion Trends:

Fashion trends are constantly evolving, and brands often adapt their product lines to reflect these changes. During the early 2000s, knee-high Converse sneakers were popular, particularly among subcultures such as emos, goths, and punk-rockers.

However, as these trends faded, the demand for knee-high Converse may have decreased. The rise of other styles, such as low-top and classic Converse sneakers, could have also contributed to the discontinuation of the knee-high style.

Brand Decisions:

Brands often make strategic decisions about their product lines based on various factors, including production costs, market demand, and brand image. Converse, which is owned by Nike, may have decided to discontinue the knee-high style due to these considerations.

For instance, if the production costs for knee-high Converse were higher than other styles, or if the sales were not meeting the company’s expectations, the brand may have chosen to discontinue them.

What happened to knee high converse

Consumer Preferences:

Consumer preferences play a significant role in shaping a brand’s product offerings. If consumers show a preference for other styles over knee-high Converse, the brand may choose to focus on those styles instead.

While there is still a demand for knee-high Converse, as evidenced by online discussions and petitions calling for their return, it’s possible that this demand is not large enough to justify their continued production.

Despite their discontinuation, knee-high Converse sneakers remain popular among certain groups, and they are often sold at high prices on resale platforms. This suggests that while the style may not be in line with current mainstream fashion trends, it still holds a certain appeal for some consumers.


In conclusion, while the exact reasons for the discontinuation of knee-high Converse are not publicly known, it’s likely that a combination of changing fashion trends, brand decisions, and consumer preferences played a role in this decision.

However, given the continued interest in this style, it’s possible that Converse could decide to reintroduce knee-high sneakers in the future.