How To Wash Bombas Socks? 3 Simple Steps Need To Complete

No doubt, the Bombas socks are comfortable, sturdy, and stylish with any kind of shoes. But, it is also true that you must be careful when washing the Bombas socks. The Bombas socks are easy to clean, and trust me; you don’t need to use any special things to wash the Bombas socks.

So, how to wash Bombas socks? To wash the Bombas socks, you can use mild soap and a gentle cycle that are very effective for the socks. Moreover, you can also use regular detergent to wash the socks in your washing machine. Note, try to avoid using harsh bleach and chlorine as well as another harmful chemical to clean the socks.

There are plenty of Bombas socks you will discover in the market which demands different washing process. So, stay connected with this article and wash your Bombas socks without getting any damage problems.

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How To Wash Bombas Socks?

The washing process or instruction of Bombas socks allows you to hassle-free wash with a regular chemical. Please don’t avoid any steps to rush washing the Bombas socks.

Step 1: Put Your Bombas Socks into the Washing Machine

Hey! Don’t worry about putting your Bombas socks into the washing machine because all types of Bombas socks allow washing machines to wash the socks. Run the washing machine with a gentle cycle and use some mild detergent. You can use cold water, but you should avoid hot water because it damages the materials of socks.

Moreover, you can also use bleach or soap inside of the washing machine to wash the Bombas socks. Note, you just need to avoid harmful things to wash the socks.

Step 2: Get Ready for Drying the Socks

Are you completely washing your socks? If your answer is yes, then you should dry the socks. To dry the socks, you must need to use perfect heat. You should not use extreme heat because of damages the fabric of the socks. So, choose the lowest temperature to dry the socks.

Step 3: Fold, Match, & Put Away

Now, you completed the above two steps properly. It is time to store the socks in your drawer so that you can use them socks in your time. Check out the whole process again, and clean your Bombas socks again when you need

How To Wash Bombas Compression Socks?

Like washing regular Bombas socks, you can also follow the same process to wash your Bombas Compression socks. The compression socks used the same materials as the regular Bombas socks. For example, the Bombas Compression socks used fabric, elastic, nylon, and some other materials.

Whatever these materials are accepted washing machine is processed to wash the socks. You can undoubtedly use mild detergent, soap, and other chemicals to wash the socks. So, follow the above three steps to get a complete solution to wash the Bombas Compression socks.

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How To Wash Bombas Wool Socks?

Bombas Wool socks are popular because they are naturally odour-free and absorb more sweat from the feet than other socks. That’s why you should clean the socks regularly without using regular things. However, you should complete the following method step-by-step to wash the socks.

Step 1: Put Your Socks in Washing Machine

First, you must put your unwashed wool socks inside the washing machine. You can use both cold and hot water to wash the socks because the Bombas wool sock allows both cold and hot water.

Step 2: Some Right Chemical

It is time to use the right chemical for wool socks because all of the chemicals are not a good option for Bombas wool socks. Well, you can use mild detergent, non-chlorine bleach, and others. But, you should not use chlorine because of damaging the fabric.

Step 3: Air Dry

I suggest you avoid using a heat gun, air dryer, or other tools to dry the socks if you don’t have hurried. You should dry your socks in the open air because the wool demands a natural process to dry and make more strong to use. I hope that these three steps help you a lot to wash your Bombas wool socks without getting any errors.

How To Wash Bombas Merino Wool Socks?

Merino wool socks are expensive and need proper care; otherwise, you may not use the socks regularly comfortably. Moreover, you also need to wash the Bombas Merino wool socks regularly. But, how can you wash the socks? Check out the following special washing method to wash the socks deeply.

Step 1: Turn Your Sock from Your Feet

It is essential for you to turn your sock from the feet and remove it. You should also turn out the socks inside out. You must need to do that if your socks come with a cushion.

Step 2: Wash the Bombas Merino Wool Socks with Cold/Hot Water

Here you can use your hands to wash the socks or also use the washing machine because both are acceptable. Note, you can use hot water, but you should not go for extreme hot water to wash the socks because hot water weak the fabric.

Washing the socks gently in your hand because of the soft and cushion fabric. On the other hand, you can use non-chlorine bleach or mild-detergent to wash the Bombas merino wool socks.

Step 3: Dry Up the Socks

After washing the socks with water, it is time to dry the socks properly. You can dry the socks with a natural process such as using air and sunshine. Moreover, you can use limited heat from a heat gun or hair dryer to dry the socks.

How To Wash Bombas Slipper Socks?

You need to follow the below steps to wash Bombas slipper socks. Note, you may be needed to use some tools to wash Bombas slipper socks.

  • First and foremost, you need to turn out the socks inside out
  • Select detergent and put the socks inside of the washing machine
  • Make sure that you are using Gentle or Delicate Cycle
  • Put cold water and try to avoid hot water because of making the fabric weak
  • After washing, you should remove the socks and keep the socks in the open air to dry them.

The steps are easy to follow. You just need to avoid harmful chemicals, hot water, and a high-power washing machine to clean the socks.

Is It Clear To You?

There are different types of Bombas socks on the market, such as Bombas wool, slipper, compression, and others. You can follow the above methods for cleaning your own socks. According to my experience, the Bombas socks allow mild-detergent, non-chlorine bleach, and others which you need to use for washing the socks.