How To Choose The Right Running Socks?

Equipping your feet and shoes with the right socks is vital for running. Good running socks are comfortable, durable, and fashionable as well. There are several different types of running socks that you can choose from. So, looking for running socks is not a big ask. But choosing the right one is a challenge.

Good running socks mainly depend on feet size, socks material, comfortability, price, and brand. However, materials come first for this, and the ideal running socks are from synthetic fabrics. You may also hear about the barefoot running trend. It is also a complementary question for running: Can you run without socks or not?

Here, you will know about all possible queries, including how to choose the right running socks for you. So without further due, let’s talk about the running sock.

How to Choose The Right Running Socks

As you read earlier, synthetic fibers ( polyester, nylon) socks are popular for running. So, from compression socks to invisible socks, there are many things to consider for dressing your feet. Here are 7 tips for choosing the right running socks-

  1. Choose the right shoes first.
  2. Select the best fabric types.
  3. Choose your comfortable socks size.
  4. Consider the socks’ thicknesses.
  5. Choose socks with cushioning features.
  6. Affordable Price.
  7. Go for the best-branded socks.

Each type of socks is being advertised to have a different benefit for the runner, which further complicates choosing the right running socks. So the decision depends on you, and you want to choose the type of sock that gives you the greatest advantage.

1. Choose the right running shoes first

Perfect running shoes depend on three different factors. Those are-

  • Think about where you’re going to run.
  • Decide how much cushioning you want under your feet.
  • Make sure the proper shoe fits.

So, choosing the right socks heavily depends on right running shoes. However, you don’t need to wear socks if you have sockless running shoes like WHITIN Men’s Cross.

2. Select the best fabric types

It will depend on your preference. However, most runners prefer synthetic or a blend of wool. These two are finest in sweat-wicking, breathable, and more durable than cotton. In addition, many feel that such types of socks feel comfortable when they are running. So, what material type of socks should I pick and avoid when running? Well, synthetic materials are the best choice. But avoid cotton socks for running.

3. Choose your comfortable socks size

Running socks come in many different sizes and lengths. You can get them ranging from knee-high to so-called shorty running socks. Which simply extends to the lower leg and the highest point of the running shoe. 

While on the new running socks market, you will either buy the short ones or the classic crew length socks.

4. Consider the socks’ thicknesses

Thick socks provide full cushioning for a plush ride and extra comfort in winter. Therefore, runners looking for underfoot protection or those looking to remove any extra space in their shoes. Instead, thin socks work best for snug-fitting shoes, like racing or competition options. However, runner prefers thin socks in summer for more breathability. Medium socks offer a blend of cushioning, moisture-wicking, and added comfort. So, consider the sock thickness according to your need.

5. Choose socks with cushioning features

Choose running socks with some extra cushioning. Many runners prefer socks made from material that can prevent moisture build-up and offer top cushioning. It helps running performance. 

6. Affordable Price

Running socks are available in different brands, each having a different sticker price. Expect to pay more for a decent running sock though it should not always be the case. High price doesn’t generally imply high quality. Some other makers hike the price for nothing. So go with your affordable price.

7. Go for the best-branded socks.

There are many brands of running socks out there, and each brand offers different benefits. But try to choose the best-branded socks that provide the best benefits of running.


Running socks can have direct input on your performance. Though you can get runners out there claiming it did not affect their performance, performance is guaranteed with high-quality socks. So how to choose the right running sock is not a big deal from now.