What Does Ps Mean in Shoes Size?

Pre-schooler’s are catered to with a size group of shoes specifically designed for them, known as ‘PS.’ This shoe size is ideal for children ages 3 to 5 before progressing onto the GS or Grade School sizes. These footwear pieces typically measure 6.5 to 8.5 inches from heel to toe, although some brands may vary slightly.

Are PS or Preschool shoes meant for youngsters under the age of five?

These kinds of shoes can be suitable for various ages. Since each child is unique in size and shape, your tyke does not fit into this bracket. So how are PS shoes the perfect choice? Fortunately, I have a guide and size chart to assist you!

What Does Ps Mean in Shoes?

With the vast array of shoe brands, each one may have its sizing criteria. As such, it is prudent to contact certain companies, for instance, Adidas, Nike, or New Balance. To get the best fit possible, you can utilize Nike Fit. It’s a digital foot measurement application that allows you to find your optimal size.

Moreover, certain types of footwear may be labeled with a sizing type denoted by abbreviations in parentheses adjacent to the shoe’s title. This is not comparable to traditional shoe sizing standards. To illustrate, a 6Y in children’s size does not equate to a 6 in Women’s size.

On the contrary, specific shoes are commonly available both in regular and broad sizes. Consequently, you will observe “Wide” after the number if a shoe has a wide fit. Or other letters appear next to the figure, such as TD, GS, I, etc.

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But You May Be Wondering: What Does PS Mean in Footwear?

So, here is what PS stands for when it comes to shoes, along with some additional abbreviations:

  • TD represents Toddler
  • PS stands for Preschool
  • GS indicates Grade School

PS Shoe Size Chart:

Here is a quick reference guide for PS-sized shoes:

Length (in.)Length (cm)USUKEUR

What to Consider When Buying PS Shoes?

Consider the following when purchasing shoes for your Preschool kids:


It is essential to avoid unisex PS shoes for babies since males and females have different foot structures. Karen J Mickle’s study found that boys had significantly flatter feet than girls, with thicker fat in the midfoot.

To ensure comfort and support, choose cushioned PS shoes designed explicitly for daughters and structured versions for sons.


PS footwear with leather and canvas uppers is ideal for active kids. It provides breathability and comfort. The rubber soles on the shoes are beneficial in that they help children develop their muscle strength and flexibility.


It is essential to ensure kids wear the right size shoes to protect their feet from injuries, heat, and cold. Wearing too-tight shoes can cause discomfort. It leads to walking problems and ingrown toenails.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to buy the correct size of footwear for children to remain comfortable. My own experience taught me that growth could happen quickly. So I had to change my son’s PS shoes after three months when he complained about his feet hurting.

GS Vs. PS Shoes: What Do GS and PS Mean in Shoes?

Here is a table that can help you to get a better understanding of what GS and PS are and how they differ:

Full-FormGrade SchoolPreschool
MeaningKids Size RangeKids Size Range
Designed forGrade-SchoolersPre-Schoolers
Age Range6 to 12 Years2 to 5 Years
Range of Shoe SizesWideLimited
Minimum Heel-To-Toe Range*8.9 Inches or 22.5 cm6.5 Inches or 16.5 cm
Maximum Heel-To-Toe Range*9.8 Inches or 25 cm8.7 inches or 22 cm
Can Adults Wear Them?Yes, SometimesNo


What Does Ps Mean in Nike Shoes?

The Nike PS size is referred to as “Little Kids.” Nike’s PS range covers US, UK, and EUR measurements in inches and cm. The US size range starts from 10.5C to 3Y. The UK sizing begins from 10 to 2.5, and the EUR sizing is from 27.5 to 35.

In terms of size, Nike PS shoes range between 6.75 inches and 8.6 inches or roughly 17.2 cm to 21.5 cm in length, respectively.

Let’s take a closer look at all the size charts available from Nike for kids, such as the PS size chart.

Length (cm)Length (Inc.)US SizeUK SizeEU Size

What Does Ps Mean in Jordan Shoes?

When discussing Jordan shoes, it is essential to note that “PS” stands for “Preschool.” It identifies the size range of children’s shoes. It ranges from 6.75 inches to 8.6 inches (17.2 cm – 21.5 cm). This range is equivalent to sizes 10.5C-3Y in US sizing, 10-2.5 in UK sizing, and 27.5-35 in EUR sizing.

What Are Y Sizes in Shoes?

When choosing shoes, it is essential to look for a letter after the size number, such as 6Y or 6C. These letters indicate the age group that the shoe may be most suitable for, with Y standing for youth and C for child.

Can Adults Wear PS Size Shoes?

It is highly recommended not to purchase PS size shoes for adults, as they are not designed for adult feet and could cause serious issues.


Now that you have the answer to the question “What does PS mean in shoes?”, the Next time you go shopping for new shoes for your children, you can feel more secure in choosing the right size.