Best Way To Wash Compression Socks

Compression socks are one of the holy grails of compression therapy. It enhances blood circulation and offers relief for swollen legs. However, they often gather dirt, especially in areas around the silicon band.

Tips On The Best Way To Wash Compression Socks

You need to pay special attention when washing your compression socks to avoid damages to the fabric material. Here are some pointers on how to wash compression socks.

Machine Washing

  • Many ask us, can you wash compression socks in washing machine? Yes. It is best to wash separately or with same garments color or by using bags. Read below for washing instructions.
  • First, hand washes the silicon band to remove any visible dirt or stain.
  • Use lukewarm or cool water, and if you have any doubts, re-read the care instructions.
  • Use lingerie or garment bags to prevent any machine damage during the wash cycle. You can use this TENRAI Delicates Bags [Amazon].
  • Set the machine on either warm or cold cycle, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Always use mild soap or detergent (avoid fabric softeners and chlorine as it will damage the material).
  • Lastly, remove the socks from the machine once the wash cycle is complete and then gently dab it to get rid of excess water before placing it on a cool surface and leave it to dry.

Hand Washing

  • Fill a basin, sink or a small tub with cool water, then soak the socks in the water and remove.
  • Mix the water with either a mild detergent like Mediven Medi-Care Wash Stocking Detergent [Amazon] or soap (note that some compression socks come with their own washing products).
  • Dip the socks in the soap-water solution and leave it submerged for approximately 5–10 minutes.
  • Then gently rub to remove any stain, oil, or dirt. Focus more on the silicon band, as it is the area that often attracts dirt and other foreign material.
  • Rinse and squeeze the soak until the water is devoid of soap. You should not pull or vigorously rub the socks, as it might stretch the material and hence distort its normal size.
  • Lastly, place it in a cool place and leave it to dry.

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Expert Tips:

  • For the compression socks to keep its elasticity and for it to last longer, it is important that you wash it after each wear.
  • Replace compression socks after three months (maximum) for a better result. The fact that the socks appear to be in good condition does not mean that they still offer the right compression.

Parting Shot

Compression socks offer best results to its users if well taken care off. So, how often to wash compression socks? Always wash them after wear avoid excessive pulling or wriggling, strictly follow the user guide, and you will certainly reap the benefits.