Why Do Runners Wear Compression Socks?

Compression socks help runners the same way it helps those who have medical conditions affecting the feet. In addition, it helps runners to improve their muscle efficiency by minimizing the back and forth movement of their muscles. In this article, we discuss more the topic of why do runners wear compression socks. Find the details below.

Why should runners wear compression socks?

It’s common to see runners wearing socks while running. The compression provided by these socks helps runners to run faster despite having to deal with muscle oscillation. This is because it promotes the circulation of blood between the head and the legs.

How do compression socks benefit runners?

Well, compression socks are the ideal type of socks due to their unique features. However, it also helps runners in the following ways:

  • Reduces swelling on the feet and fatigue.
  • It provides warmth when running during cold seasons.
  • Enhances speedy muscle recovery after running.
  • It provides the needed comfort when running on hard terrains.

When should a runner wear compression socks?

Well, during their quality workouts and long runs. While it’s not clear the exact impact compression socks have on runners, they help reduce leg cramps, discomfort, and fatigue, which means it’s important to them.

What Should You Know About Compression Socks for Runners?

There are several compression socks in the market. However, it would be difficult to identify a single pair of socks that will suit all runners.

The following tips will help runners to choose the ideal socks for their needs:

  • The socks should be tight around the toes but have reduced compression as it progresses to the top (graduated).
  • Runners with conditions affecting their varicose veins should choose socks with relatively lower compression.

What’s important, however, is that the runners should choose compression socks that make them comfortable.

How Long Should Runners Wear Compression Socks?

The time required for runners to wear compression socks depends on some factors. This is to the following effect:

  • They should wear it for 6 hours or more after exercising that involves less distance.
  • If they are involved in long-distance running, they should wear it for more than 12 hours after completing the marathon.

Despite the above, the ideal time will differ from one runner to the other.

Parting Shot

So, compression socks for running yes or no? Definitely yes, we say. From this article, it’s clear how beneficial compression socks are to runners. Runners may, however, experience discomfort after wearing them for long hours. If this is the case, they should consult a doctor.