How to Fold Socks Military Style?

Do you have problems with sock folding methods? Or does your sock often get lost in a pile of clothes? This is a common problem among many people, but it is a challenge that you can avoid. One effective way of solving this mini-crisis is to fold and separate them from the other clothes. Folding socks military-style is the easiest way to do this.

Best Way to Roll Socks

  1. Place the socks on an even surface – one piece on top of the other.
  2. Smooth out creases and wrinkles
  3.  Roll the socks tightly, beginning from the toes up
  4. Once you have completely rolled it, pull the inside of the socks out. The outer cuffs go over and around the roll.
  5. Tuck any parts that are sticking out

Expert tips:

The method of how to fold your socks military style is a super space saver, especially for long socks. But, it might not be suitable for ankle or no-show socks…, same as toddler or baby socks.

Last words

The military-style socks folding technique is ideal if you have a small drawer or storage space. It is also an excellent method to fit stuff or clothing into a small traveling bag pack. But, it can be exhausting if you use it to fold more than ten socks. In addition, it takes more time compared to other socks-folding techniques.