What To Do With Old Socks? 12 Amazing Tricks

Most people have a pile of worn-out socks or socks with no matches in their bins, also hoping to get their other half. But do you know you can repurpose those old socks taking shape in your closet?

There are many creative ways to reuse old socks and give them a new purpose. For example, cleaning shutters and blind slats, erasing whiteboards, polishing cars, or covering an icepack are common. Also, you can make cat toys, sock puppets, bird feeders, or pull toys for dogs with the old one.

So, if you have plenty and can’t figure out what to do with those, the following ideas are for you. Let’s take the challenge.

What To Do With Old Socks? How To Reuse them?

  • Dust rags and cleaning rags
  • Clean shutters and blind slats
  • Polish your car
  • Buff and shine shoes
  • Apply stains to furniture or crafts
  • Eraser for whiteboards
  • Dampened sock in the dryer to remove wrinkles
  • Protect small breakable objects in storage
  • Protect floors when moving furniture
  • Homemade shoe deodorizer pouch
  • Cover an ice pack
  • Homemade microwaveable heating pad

You can test today with these 12 popular ways to reuse the old stockings after they’ve worn out. However, if you want more specifics, then down your eyes to check the adviser’s choice.

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Creative Old Socks Hack- Socksadviser’s Choice

There are many creative ways to use socks as useful items. For example, you may wrap your variable things with the sock while moving. First, however, let’s find the 12 creative ways-

  • Cat toy
  • Sock puppets
  • Pull toy for dogs
  • Homemade mug cozy
  • Protect Your Shoes From Paints.
  • Prevent Flour Scratches.
  • Vacuum Small Items.
  • Headband.
  • Cleaning Your Car.
  • Erase whiteboard.
  • Dusting and Clean House Hold Items.
  • Icepack Cover

You can also build a bird feeder by filling the garments with seeds and hanging them from a tree in your garden. Here we have discussed 12 old stockings hacks.

1. Cat toy

First, you need to cut off a strip about three inches wide for reusing your old socks effectively. Then, cut it open to have a flat strip rather than a fabric circle.

Now, tie a knot in the middle and tie another knot over that. You will find a big knot in the center for cat biting. Oh! It is a cat toy!

2. Pull toy for dogs

What do you do with old socks for dogs? Well, you would love to hear that by toeing multiple socks, you can easily pull toys for dogs. This video will help you more-

3. Sock puppets

Sock puppets are very easy to make. Kids love both making them and playing with them afterward. For making creative sock puppets, you will need-

  • An old sock & a marker
  • Glue & yarn
  • Pompoms & Googly eyes
  • Scissors

So, want to make sock puppets with your old socks? This video will help you.

4. Homemade mug cozy

Before you think of getting rid of mismatched socks and worn-out socks, try making an easy, cozy mug using old socks to protect your hands when drinking or serving hot coffee or tea.

5. Protect your shoes from paints

Messy projects like painting can ruin your shoes. However, slide large socks over your shoes to prevent paint and other hazardous chemicals from staining your shoes. In addition, if you are moving, pulling a pair of socks over your shoes can help avoid shoes from scratch.

6. Prevent flour scratches

Furniture can scratch and damage the floor when moving due to friction. To avoid damaging the floor, put the socks on the legs of your chairs and tables to reduce friction.

7. Vacuum small items

Use old socks to make a vacuum cover to aid in finding small variable items despite their sizes. Pull a sock over the head of a vacuum cleaner which acts as a protective barrier. This will prevent losing those items inside the vacuum cleaner.

8. Headband

This sounds new. But it is very effective to use old sock to make a headband. The process is simple: stick them into the old socks opening and hold them together with a pin.

9. Cleaning your car

Most people use old rags to clean their cars; however, the old sock can be used as an alternative. In addition, sock and kitty litter are effective car windscreens and windows from fogging.

10. Erase whiteboard

Most dry board erasers in the market are not durable. Thus, the best option is to replace them with a sock. Furthermore, you can wash a sock later in a washing machine after cleaning the board and using it again. As a result, you will save your money and time.

11. Dusting and cleaning  household items

Using old and mismatched sock as a dusting stick alternative is also possible. You can use it to trap your dust on any household objects including tables, and electric appliances. Moreover, Old socks are also effective in trapping hairs and dirt on the floor and walls. And after completing wiping the dirt, you can throw it in a washing machine and use it as many times as you wish.

12. Icepack cover

Finally, directly applying icepack on your bruise or bump is not recommendable as it can cause more harm. Instead, first, slip socks over an ice pack and gently apply them to your injury. This way, you will not need to worry about freeze burns as the ice pack will be more bearable.


Can you reuse old socks? 

Yes, reusing old one is a greater and more fun way to extend the life of stained, stretched, holey and mismatched socks. Instead of tossing them into the dustbin, think of creative ways to reuse them, like making a sock toy.

Should you through away your old socks?

Throwing worn socks in the garbage is never a good idea. Instead, do so appropriately if you want to get rid of your pair of sock without experiencing the blues. The best way is to donate them to charity.

Can you recycle worn-out stockings?

Yes, there are many creative ways to recycle unused stockings into useful items. For example, you may wrap your variable items with the sock while moving. You can also build a bird feeder by filling the socks with seeds and hanging them from a tree in your garden.

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After reading this, you won’t go through old socks crazily since you already know what to do with old socks. Instead of looking at a pile of socks as a waste, consider transforming them into a more helpful thing or craft.