Why Do Dogs Like Socks?

Bad smell clings on socks naturally. But a pet loves your socks; they play and treasure them as if they are precious gold. What I’m talking about? Well, I am talking about your best friend – your dog or puppy! We all know dogs have endless love for master’s socks and shoes.

But the question is- why do dogs like socks? Many cynologists say that dogs like socks because they love the human scent and gain attention.  It also could be separation anxiety, boredom, or the love for chewing. 

Below you will find more detailed reasons why dogs like socks. Keep finding.

6 Reasons Why Dogs Like Socks?

If your puppy plays with or chews your sweaty socks, don’t think they are trying to eat them. They are doing it because your furry friend likes socks like socks and shoes.  So, here are the reasons why dogs love socks:

1. Looking for your attention:

Dogs have a way of interpreting and understanding human expression. They can read your mood and your feelings just by being around you. Why do dogs like stealing socks?  When they steal your socks, and you go looking for them, they gain your attention. They realize this and soon make it a habit. You reinforced the behavior when you give them treats, intending to discourage them. They end up thinking that it’s a fun game of ‘come get me.

2. A way of killing boredom:

Dogs are curious creatures. They like fun and exciting activities, and their behaviors show this. They love playing with toys and kids and going for walks with you. When none of these activities are available, they engage in destructive activities, e.g., chewing socks. But why do dogs like smelly socks? Because those socks have your scent, making them happy and less bored.

3. Separation anxiety:

Dogs like humans are social animals, and they feel lonely when you are not around. Some develop social anxiety while others seek other alternatives to deal with the solitude. Some of these alternatives include chewing socks and a collection of items.

4. Dogs love chewing:

Dogs love the cushy and soft texture of socks. The dog doesn’t chew socks because it’s hungry but because it enjoys them. They simply love chewing socks. As for puppies, chewing items (socks included) is a teething process. They chew soft fabric to ease their aching gums. You can offer them plush toys to chew to avoid this dog behavior. Please don’t give them old socks as this will encourage them.

5. You leave your house untidy:

Leaving your house unattended with clothing everywhere will encourage the dog to play with them. And you wouldn’t blame them, would you? Socks or any clothing lying on the floor can be mistaken as toys by dogs. So, keep your house tidy, and you’ll have no problem.

Note: Please do not leave laundry anywhere near dogs.

6. Affection-the dog loves you:

Dogs love the human scent, and it is plenty in dirty socks. Your stinky gym socks may repel your friends, but dogs love them. Why? Dog experts argue that dogs drench themselves with human smell to conceal their own. They also get comfort from them when you are not around. So, sometimes the behavior is caused by the love for their owner.

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So again, why do dogs like dirty socks? Don’t worry; it’s a common behavior. They do this for fun or love your smell. Also, it can happen if your puppy suffers from separation anxiety. For safety, you can use a GPS dog tracker. However, if you feel wrong, consult with your veterinarian.