How To Wash Socks With Bleach?

There is nothing as discouraging as a sock with a stubborn stain. You’ve probably washed it too many times but still searching for how to whiten socks. However, you fear using bleach because you are afraid of damaging your socks.

Well, the truth is bleach can be effective in removing stubborn stains. But, if the socks contain other colors apart from white, the bleach will discolor them. So, can you use bleach to clean socks? Ok. You may use bleach to clean your socks. More specifically, you can use oxygen bleach or color-safe bleach to prevent this from happening. These bleaches are available in your nearest laundry store.

In this article, you will find how to wash socks with bleach without taking more time. So, let’s jump into it.

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How To Wash Socks With Bleach?

Steps in a nutshell:

  • Pour the pan or sink with warm water.
  • Add bleach.
  • Add a few drops of dawn ( Optional).
  • Pre-soak it for five minutes. Note: soak 10-15 minutes longer for dingy socks.
  • After the soak, wash as usual.

Steps in detail:

  1. Check care label: Most socks are safe to be cleaned with bleach but confirm first. The label contains critical information on how to care for the socks.
  2. Pre-soak it for five minutes: Soak the socks in a solution containing a quarter cup of regular bleach and a gallon of water.
  3. Pre-treatment: To avoid any potential damages to the fabric, it is prudent that you add care bleach. Especially, Clorox care bleach [Amazon] comprises lower hypochlorite active levels, making it safe to apply to bleachable fabric. This works brilliantly with socks. All you need to do is to introduce a small quantity to drench the stain. Place the socks in the washer and begin the washing process.
  4. Mixing: Use lukewarm water mixed with ¾ cup of regular bleach. Excessive hot can stretch out your socks. To avoid damage to the socks, add the bleach five minutes after you begin.
  5. Now wash normally

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Caution To Wash Socks With Bleach

Ensure you take adequate precautions to avoid inhaling bleach fumes. Do your washing in a well-ventilated space. Do not bleach spandex, wool, silk, polyurethane, or urethane socks.

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Using bleach in washing socks gives far better results. You can remove stains and brown spots using bleach. The above guide will help you restore the purity of your white socks. Always remember to go through the care label before doing anything. Ensure you separate white socks from other colored clothes to prevent color bleeding.