How To Fix Holes In Wool Socks?

There is nothing as comforting as a pair of good old wool socks. They have excellent moisture-wicking qualities, and they are durable and cozy. So it is no wonder why people who’ve worn it don’t want any other socks. But if you wear it long enough, it will get holes. So how to fix holes in wool socks?

There is a way you can fix the holes and get to enjoy your socks again. In this post, we will give steps to fixing holes through darning. What is darning? Darning is a sewing technique used in mending holes in knitted socks or clothing.

So, below is information on how to go about it. Stick with us.

How To Fix Holes In Wool Socks With Darning?

To darn torn wool socks, you will need-

  • Scissors
  • A darning egg or tennis ball
  • Thread
  • A needle

Step 1:

Try to get a wool yarn that matches the sock you are mending. This is useful in keeping the repair undetectable and smooth to wear. That said, if you can’t get a matching yarn, use any other wool yarn available.

Step 2:

 Turn the sock the wrong-side-out and place it over the tennis ball or darning egg. Cut all the loose threads.

Step 3:

Insert thread in the needle and make a running stitch across the hole’s edge. Stitch back and forth, but don’t make a knot. A knot will always be noticeable and will never smoothen out. The back-and-forth stitching will lock the yarn, so you don’t need to knot.

Step 4:

When on top of the hole, steadily make your stitches closer to each other. Then carefully withdraw the thread to seal the hole.

Alternative Method

Alternatively, you can make zig-zag stitches over the hole to create parallel stitches. Then turn the needle and begin making stitches perpendicular to the parallel stitches. This will create a patch of interlocking stitches over the weak area. Cut the thread, turn the sock the right-side-out, and marvel at your work.

Note: This technique can also mend wool knitwear’s, e.g., sweaters.

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How To Repair Your Damaged Socks By Darning?


Don’t throw away your favorite wool socks simply because they have holes. Repairing holes in wool socks is a simple process that takes a few minutes. The above procedures will help you fix holes in wool socks and save a few bucks.