How To Remove Chewing Gum From Socks?

Have you ever had chewing gum stuck on your socks? If yes, you’ll agree that removing gum is not a simple task. Some people will just cut their loss and throw the socks in the bin. But what if it’s your favorite WoodlandPRO socks? Surely, you can’t throw it down the drain without at least trying to salvage it! So before you panic, take a breath; I’ve got a solution for you.

So, how to remove chewing gum from socks? Here are some quick fixes that you can do at home; it will take roughly five minutes and leave you happily gum-free.

How To Remove Chewing Gum From Socks?

Chewing gum contains a gum base, making chewing gum chewy and sticky. In addition, this ingredient makes it stick to different surfaces, including fabric. Here is a step-by-step technique for removing chewing gum from socks.

What You Need To Remove Chewing Gum From Socks?

  • Ice cubes
  • Oxygen bleach
  • Plastic zip bag
  • Table knife
  • Pre-wash stain remover
  • Washing detergent 

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4 Ways To Get Chewing Gum Off From A Sock

Step 1: Harden The Chewing Gum Using Ice Cubes:

To easily remove the gum, you need first to harden it. So, drop the ice cubes into the zip bag and place them on the gum. Leave it there until the gum is stiff.

Step 2: Scrape Off The Gum:

After the chewing gum is fully hardened, use the knife to scrape it off the fabric. Use a toothbrush to remove any remnants.

Step 3: Pre-wash

For the minute gum particles, use pre-wash stain remover. [Amazon] The petroleum in the stain remover helps remove the greasy components of the gum. Let the stained gum fabric absorb the pre-wash for a few minutes.

In the case of stubborn gum stains, use washing detergent instead of pre-wash stain remover.

Step 4: Remove The Gum Color Stain

Wash it in a solution of oxygen bleach, detergent, and cold water. Place it in a dryer and leave it to dry.

Special Tip: Remove chewing gum stain from socks as soon as you notice it. This will help prevent it from attracting other dirt and complicating the cleaning process.

Parting Shot

There is nothing as depressing as chewing gum on a pair of new socks. It hurts even more if the socks cost you a fortune. But the good news is – there is a solution for it. You don’t have to throw it away. The above procedure will help guide you in removing chewing gum from socks. Remember to read the care label before doing anything, lest you destroy the fabric.