Can Wearing Compression Socks Be Harmful?

Compression socks are meant to help you deal with various feet condition, as well as enhance comfort. They are specifically made for this, which makes them safe to wear.

However, there have been claims of developing side effects after wearing them. So, are compression socks harmful? Here we will find all possible reasons, keep reading. 

Can Compression Socks Be Harmful?

Compression socks can harm you for various reasons. These includes:

  • Not following the doctor’s recommendations or that of the manufacturer
  • Wearing socks with a tight compression
  • Not wearing socks properly

So, what happens if you wear compression socks wrong? Doing the above can lead to skin irritations or breakages. Wearing tight socks, especially when you don’t have much physical activity like when you’re on a flight, can significantly reduce blood flow to your feet. It can lead to serious health complications like Deep Vein Thrombosis, which is caused by blood clots.

How to Avoid Harmful Effects of Compression Socks?

Following the best practices regarding their use will keep you away from harmful effects. Consider the following tips:

  • Get properly fitting socks.
  • Check the condition of your feet regularly for any sores, dryness, or numbness.
  • Wash your socks and feet regularly.
  •  Wear socks about 30 times, then buy a new pair.
  • Take off your socks every day and dry your feet.

If you experience any pain or discomfort while wearing these socks, you should remove them and seek your doctor’s advice.

Are Compression Socks Safe?

Of course, Yes! Compression socks effectively reduce pain and swelling among pregnant women, athletes, particularly those taking part in long-distance races and people who sit or stand for long hours. But all you need, consult your doctor about the compression level of your socks.

How Long Should Compression Socks Be Worn?

Comfort, beauty, or medical conditions are some of the many reasons people wear socks. If yours is a medical case, you should consider wearing it for over 8 hours a day. You may remove them a few hours during the day or when you are sleeping.

Parting Shot

Are compression socks safe? Even though compression socks are helpful, they can also be harmful. This article has shown you how it may bring harm and helpful tips to avoid this and remain with healthy feet.