How To Clean HOKA Running Shoes?

Do you have a pair of HOKA running shoes? If so, then you know that they can get pretty dirty. And if you’re not a fan of running in muddy shoes, then you might be looking for a way to clean them. In this post, we’ll show you how to clean your HOKAs quickly and easily. So that they look and smell fresh again!

How To Clean And Dry Your Wet Hoka Running Shoes?

After a long run in the rain, your shoes are bound to get wet. But don’t worry, with these 6 easy steps you can have your shoes clean and dry again in no time!

Disassemble Your Shoes:

Take your shoes apart so you can access all of the nooks and crannies that need to be cleaned. This includes removing the laces, insoles, and any other removable parts.

Wash Your Laces:

Put your laces in a mesh bag and wash them on a gentle cycle with warm water and mild detergent. You can also hand wash them if you prefer.

Remove Mud And Dirt:

Use a brush or old toothbrush to remove any mud or dirt from the outside of your shoes. Pay special attention to the soles as they are likely the dirtiest part.

Scrub Clean:

Once the mud and dirt are removed, it’s time to scrub your shoes clean. Mix together some warm water and mild detergent to create a cleaning solution. Use a brush or old toothbrush to scrub away any remaining dirt or stains. Rinse your shoes with clean water when you’re finished.

Wipe Off (With Damp Rag):

Take a damp rag and wipe down the inside and outside of your shoes. This will help remove any soap residue and ensure that they are completely clean.

Leave Your Shoes To Dry Off:

Once you’ve finished cleaning your shoes, set them out in a well-ventilated area to dry off. Avoid direct sunlight or heat as this can damage your shoes. If possible, stuff them with newspaper so they retain their shape as they dry.

How Do You Clean The Different Materials Of Your Hoka Running Shoes?

No matter what kind of Hoka running shoes you have, we’ll tell you how to clean them so they look good as new! Whether it’s mesh, suede, nubuck, leather, or canvas and natural fiber shoes, we’ll give you all the tips and tricks. Keep reading to find out more.

Mesh Cleaning:

mix dish soap and warm water in a bowl and use an old toothbrush or other soft-bristled brush to scrub the shoes. Rinse with clean water and let air dry.

Suede Or Nubuck Cleaning:

Use a pencil eraser to buff away any dirt or stains from the surface of the shoes. Next, use a suede brush in sweeping motions to lift any dirt embedded in the nap of the fabric. Finally, use a damp cloth to wipe away any remaining dirt or soap residue. Let air dry.

How To Clean Leather:

Mix warm water and dish soap in a bowl. Use a soft cloth to wipe down the leather surface of your shoes. Rinse with clean water and let air dry.

How To Clean Canvas And Natural Fiber:

First, vacuum the surface of your shoes to remove any loose dirt or debris. Next, mix warm water and dish soap in a bowl. Use a soft cloth to wipe down the shoe surface. Rinse with clean water and let air dry.

Why Do Clean Shoes Matter?

Whether you realize it or not, the condition of your shoes says a lot about you as a person. After all, shoes are often the first thing people notice about your outfit. If your shoes are clean and well-kept, people will subconsciously assume that you take pride in your appearance and are therefore a competent and reliable individual. On the other hand, if your shoes are dirty and scuffed, people might not trust you as much.

Interestingly enough, there’s actually some science to back up these claims. A study conducted by psychologists at the University of Kansas found that people who wear shabby or dirty clothes are seen as less competent and are less likely to be hired for a job than those who dress more neatly. So, if you’re looking to make a good impression, it’s important to start with your shoes.

Of course, there are other reasons to keep your shoes clean beyond impressing other people. We’ll explore some of the benefits of keeping your shoes clean and shining bright. Read on to learn more!


One of the main reasons to keep your shoes clean is to extend their lifespan. Dirt, dust, and salt can all cause irreversible damage to leather and other materials over time.

By routinely cleaning your shoes and keeping them free of debris, you can help them last for years (or even decades) longer than if you let them get dirty.


It’s important to keep your feet dry and comfortable when you’re wearing shoes, since moisture can lead to fungal infections like athlete’s foot.

If your shoes are made of breathable materials like mesh or leather, it’s especially important to keep them free from dirt and debris so that air can circulate properly.

Routinely cleaning your shoes will help ensure that they’re able to do their job properly and keep your feet healthy in the process.


We hope you found these tips on how to clean your Hoka running shoes helpful! No matter what kind of material your shoes are made of, now you know how to get them looking good as new in just a few simple steps. So next time you reach for that old pair of sneakers at the back of your closet, take a moment to give them a good cleaning first. Your feet (and everyone around you) will thank you for it!


Why Do Podiatrists Recommend HOKA?

Podiatrists recommend HOKA shoes to their patients due to the many positive features they offer. The oversized midsole with extra cushioning provides superior shock absorption, creating an incredibly comfortable fit.

From high arches to flat feet, HOKA’s deep cushioned design works for all types of foot anatomy. In addition, the J-Frame™ technology ensures stability and support without sacrificing cushioning, making it a great option for anyone who needs extra arch support.

All this combined with the durable materials used in every pair makes HOKA shoes not just comforting, but long-lasting as well. In short, if you need reliable and comfortable shoes specifically designed for feet health, look no further than HOKA!

Can You Wash And Dry HOKA’s?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes! Although it will help preserve their lifespan if you treat them with care, you can indeed machine wash and dry these comfortable shoes – perfect for those who don’t have time for hand-washing.

Just remember to use a mesh bag in the washer on a gentle cycle with cold water and no fabric softener. Then let your laces air-dry while tumble drying the remaining parts low heat.

Following these instructions will ensure your HOKA’s look as good and last as long as possible.

How Do You Clean White HOKA’s?

Cleaning white HOKA’s is easy and can be done with everyday household items. Start by rinsing off the dirt with lukewarm water, then use a gentle cleaning agent like laundry detergent and a soft toothbrush to work the soap into the fabric. Rinse thoroughly afterwards with clean water and air-dry your shoes in a well ventilated area.

If necessary, you can also buff out scuffs on the white fabric of your HOKA’s using baking soda mixed with a small amount of water until it forms a paste, then apply it onto the scuffed area and slowly rub it off with a damp cloth – this will give your shoes that extra shine!