How Long to Wear Compression Socks After Hip Surgery?

Your doctor will advise you on how long you should wear compression garments after your hip surgery and how to use them correctly. If you’re just coming out of hip surgery or any other foot surgery, compression socks are a much-needed piece of clothing. So why are compression socks good after hip surgery, and how long should they be worn? Let’s dive and get all the answers.

How Long to Wear Compression Socks After Hip Surgery?

The exact time to wear compression socks after surgery will differ from one individual patient to the other. It depends on factors like the patient’s general health condition. However, most patients will require about “six weeks” after surgery before walking comfortably without compression socks.

When compression stockings are recommended after surgery, they should usually be worn as much as possible, day and night, until you’re able to move around freely.

If you ask us, how long should I wear surgical stockings after hip replacement? Then surely we suggest you meet your doctor. Generally, patients should try to wear compression socks for most parts of the day. However, wearing compression socks too long leads to harmful effects. For this reason, patients should consider removing the socks for a few hours every day, for example, when sleeping.

What Compression Socks To Wear After Hip Surgery

There are no specific compression socks that will be ideal for all patients after surgery. But, ted hose after hip replacement is popular. Therefore, Truform Surgical Stockings is a better choice. Notably, it is good to consult with a doctor who will recommend socks with the right compression.

Truform Surgical Stockings influence the proper compression for the wound to heal. It is adaptable with the patient’s health condition and works specifically type and location of the surgery on the feet.

How Do Compression Socks Help After Hip Surgery?

Hip surgery involves removing painful joints around your hip, mostly caused by arthritis, and their replacement with artificial joints of plastic or metal. Walking might be challenging for persons with painful joints, which creates the need for hip surgery.

Compression socks after hip replacement surgery; help patients in various ways. The most important is the prevention of blood clots and feet infections.

Note: Blood clots and infections may bring about serious consequences, including death.

Parting Shot

Compression socks have added benefits to patients who have just been through hip surgery. They help to prevent swelling and to ensure the wound doesn’t leave a big scar. So, what’s important is to make sure you choose the proper size of socks that do not add discomfort.