How Long Should You Wear Compressions Socks After Lipo?

Compression socks are critical components of post-liposuction treatment. It provides several benefits to patients recovering from the procedure and offers amazing results. Correct and consistent use of compression socks is one of the fastest ways to recover from a lipo procedure. They are effective in managing swelling, improving blood circulation, and promoting recovery. We have discussed in details on this article, let’s dive in.

How Long To Wear Compression Socks After Lipo?

Most lipo surgeons recommend wearing compression socks for at least a week after the procedure. However, this only applies to patients who’ve undergone 2 hours (minor) liposuction procedures. For complicated lipo, most surgeons recommend 1-2weeks.

You can continue with the compression socks even after the recommended period has elapsed. However, you don’t need to put it on an entire day. You can wear them in the evening and whenever you need them for support and comfort.

The first week following the surgery is the most important period of your recovery process. This is because you are often in your seat or bed, which increases your chances of having leg edema (swelling). The swelling further puts you at risk of developing blood clots, which can be fatal.

It is important to note that each patient has varied needs, and therefore it is important to consult your doctor before making any decision.

Why Are Compression Socks Required for Post Liposuction?

It is needed for many reasons. First, however, to understand the effectiveness of compression socks for post-liposuction, read below.

  • Prevent fluid retention in the region between the muscle and the skin.
  • Keep dressing and stitches in place.
  • Supports and improves the skin recovery process.
  • Supports development of your preferred shape.
  • Decrease swelling and bruises.

Caution: Should I wear compression socks after lipo?

Compression socks are tightly fitting garments. It is normal to experience some discomfort, especially during the early stages of your recovery. However, compression socks should not exert a lot of pressure on the treatment spot. Too much compression pressure can cause pressure necrosis or even DVT. It can also cause skin markings or tissue scars in the area where the cuff touches your skin.

Last word

Compression socks can fasten your recovery process if you wear it properly. The duration for wearing compression socks can differ between patients depending on their procedure. Always consult your doctor before deciding what to do.