Can Underwear Be Washed Together With Socks?

In your busy life, sometimes washing clothes can be time-consuming and frustrating. So, you want to wash clothes together without washing them twice. In the washing machine, you can keep your coat, T-shirt, microfiber towels, washing towels, pants, and underwear at a time. But, can socks be washed with them or underwear be washed together with socks?

Simply, yes. However, we recommend washing them separately in terms of bacterial existence on the socks. But, it causes no problem to wash them together.

In this article, we’re going to reveal when underwear be washed together with socks and when not.  

Can Underwear Be Washed Together With Socks In The Washing Machine?

As we said earlier, dirty underwear and socks can be washed together. But if you have time, wash underwear and stained items individually.

However, water temperature is important to wash your socks and dirty underwear together.   So, how to wash together in the washing machine? What is the washing process? Make sure you are following these steps. Do separate laundry-

  • By Color
  • By Fabric
  • By the level of soiling

For example, if you wash your dirty clothes like white underwear with black socks or colored socks, you will ruin your clothes. Oppositely, washing machines are not ideal for washing cotton fabrics and synthetic fabrics together. Yet, the level of soiling depends on your washing machine capacity.

Why You Need To Wash Your Underwear and Socks Separately?

We know used socks have full of bacteria inside and on the outside. Oppositely, microbes that cling to your underpants are also prone to urinary tract infections or pathogens. So, to kill those bacteria in our clothes, you need to wash them properly or keep them.

But together, washing is problematic here. If you use warm water and your clothes’ materials are synthetic, it will harm your fabrics. Using bleach is also key when washing your underwear and socks together. 

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How To Wash Socks Separately? How To Take Care Of Socks?

Step 1: First of all, separate the pair of socks

Step 2:  Turn the socks inside-out.

Step 3: Wash in cold water with the light laundry detergent. ( Avoid Harsh detergents or powdered detergent) 

Step 4: Rub your socks softly with a delicate cycle. 

Step 5:  Turn the socks right-side out.

Step 6: Hanging the socks to dry.

Step 7:  After drying, folding your socks, and putting them away.

Note: For machine washing, use soft liquid detergent and pay attention to heat settings. However, dry washing of merino wool dress socks or athletic socks is safe. And, if you have sensitive skin or skin diseases, be aware of using mild detergent when washing dirty clothes. 

Final words

Finally, washing the same material of underwear and sock is okay. Also, it is not a big problem to clean them together. But psychologically, it depends on you and your health. So, can underwear be washed together with socks? It depends. If your washing machine has a problematic hot water setting, it is recommended to wash them separately.