Are Hey Dude Shoes Waterproof?

Greetings, folks! Are Hey Dude Shoes waterproof enough to wear in the rain? Or is a little bit of water going to ruin your shoes? Even though these shoes are stylish and comfortable, they could get worn out if they get wet every day.

Hey Dude, shoes with a canvas or stretch-cotton upper can definitely get wet, and it won’t hurt them in any way. Please keep in mind, though, that these shoes are not waterproof. So, if you wear them when it’s raining, they will soak up the water.

What Are Hey Dude Shoes?

Hey Dudes came out for the first time in 2008 in Italy. They had a classic Wally design. Since then, they have become popular all over the world because of how comfortable and casual they are.

Their special molds make sure they fit well, and the memory foam insoles and EVA soles make sure they absorb shock and move with you. Overall, Hey Dudes are the best choice for comfort and a casual look.

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Are Hey Dude Shoes Waterproof?

Hey Dudes have a lightweight canvas material which is not waterproof, meaning they won’t keep your feet dry and protected in the case of rain or other wet weather.

However, the fabric does dry quickly and thanks to their EVA soles, Hey Dudes do have the ability to float on water!

Hey Dude, shoes are not waterproof, which is a shame. Still, you can wash them with water and they’ll be ready to go again in no time.

Can You Wash Hey Dude Shoes In The Washing Machine?

Some Hey Dude shoes can’t be washed in a washing machine. The canvas, stretch, and sox styles can be washed in the washing machine, but the leather, suede, and wool styles cannot.

Can You Wash Hey Dude Shoes In The Washing Machine

It is important to say that the sox, stretch, and canvas styles should be washed in cool water on a medium or no-spin cycle. So, you should only do this if your loafers require cleaning. Ensure you do it correctly in order to preserve the material.

Here are five easy steps for how to do it:

Check The Material:

Looking to wash your Hey Dude shoes? Be sure to check the material first; machine-washing isn’t always possible, especially if your shoes are made with suede, wool, or leather.

Always double-check the company’s website to ensure you know the materials and how to clean them properly.

Brush The Dirt Away:

Once you know that your loafers can be washed in a machine, you can clean the ones that are obviously dirty.

With a soft-bristled brush, you can quickly and easily remove the mud and grime from the bottom of your loafer. This is a great way to ensure that your machine washing cycle will be effective without taking too long.

Prepare The Load:

To keep your memory foam shoes in good condition, make sure to remove the insole and laces before washing them. If you have a lot of shoes, put each pair in its own bag.

If you’re only washing one shoe, try adding a few old shirts or rags to the load for balance. Doing this will help prevent your shoes from twisting and scuffing during the wash cycle.

Choose A Delicate Cycle With Cold Water:

Use cold water and a mild soap to clean your Hey Dude shoes in a gentle way.

Most likely, the best way to keep them looking great is to use the gentle or hand-wash cycle.

Hang The Shoes Out To Air Dry:

When the cycle is done, take your shoes to a place with good airflow and let them dry for the day.

This will help get rid of any smells that are still there, especially if you also let the insoles air out. So try it out, because it will make a huge difference.

How To Care For Hey Dude Shoes?


Canvas Hey Dude shoes can be put in the washing machine or cleaned by hand. Make sure they are cleaned regularly to keep them in good shape.


Leather needs to be cared for in the right way. You can use a leather cleaner to clean your leather shoes or other leather items.

Make sure to buff them after cleaning them with leather cleaner and saddle soap to give them a polished look.


Sox Hey dude, shoes are really great because they are versatile and adjust to the shape of your feet. You can clean them by using color-catching products and remember to remove their insoles before washing them.


You need to be extra careful with suede because water can damage it. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s care instructions and clean with a soft brush.


Stretch shoes are more fragile than canvas shoes, but you can wash them in the washing machine if you’re careful.


Wool Hey Dude shoes should be washed by hand because washing them in a machine can hurt their quality. Make sure to take out the insoles before cleaning.


Are Hey Dudes Slip Resistant?

Hey Dude shoes may be stylish, but they’re not certified slip-resistant, so you’ll have to look elsewhere if you need a pair of shoes that won’t let you slip and slide.

Can You Wear Hey Dudes On The Beach?

Yes, you can. Because they are made of cool and comfortable canvas, these men’s shoes are great for the beach. So don’t worry. They can handle anything that comes up in your day!

Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dude Shoes?

Wearing Hey Dude shoes with or without socks is totally fine, just like any other pair of shoes. In fact, socks are often paired with Hey Dude Footwear for a comfortable fit.

Are Hey Dude Shoes Made In USA?

No, Hey Dude shoes are made in China, Indonesia and Vietnam, so you can enjoy them no matter where you are!

Do Hey Dude Shoes Come With A Warranty?

Hey Dude shoes warranty starts on the day you buy it and lasts for sixty (60) days (the “Warranty Period”). The warranty period is not extended if they replace the product.