Are Bombas Socks Worth It?

Most brands specialize in a specific socks type or target group, but Bombas brand cuts across. It offers all types ranging from dressing to sporting and groups, i.e., men, women, and children. They are also convenient for either individual pairs or packs. The pack option comes at a relatively low cost in comparison to the individual pair purchase.

Well, are Bombas socks worth it or not? This blog post will give you total clarity on it. So let’s dig into it. 

Are Bombas Socks Really Worth the Price?

Bombas socks are relatively thicker on the bottom side. However, they are not uncomfortable when paired with your regular shoes. Instead, it ensures more room for absorptions and extra comfort at your sole.

Other design-specific features make the Bombas socks stand out, including the no seams design at the toes. Moreover, it makes the socks extra comfortable around the toes and thus lowers the susceptibility of toe cones for users.

More? Bombas socks take care of the discomfort of socks or shoes hurting your ankle with their blister tab, especially in their seamless and ankle socks.

In addition, to increase your comfort at the heel, they incorporated the Y-stitched heel that minimized the number of seams in the highly sensitive areas.

Why do people love Bomba socks?

Why do people love Bomba socks?
  • Best Materials.
  • Most comfortable.
  • Smartest Design.

Beyond their best-producing, people actually love Bomba socks for their humanitarian branding. How? When you buy a pair of Bomas socks, they donate another pair.

So, would you consider that a worthwhile venture? A majority will say yes because the price of humanity through charity can never be too high. However, a smaller percentage will argue that these homeless people require more than just socks.

And that the money should consume on other necessities like food. In addition, they think it would be ridiculous to have someone dressed in an expensive pair of socks, yet their stomach is empty.

About Bombas Socks

Bombas socks are high-quality, but they cost a little more than other socks, which is what you would expect. Officially introduced to the market in August 2013 despite starting in February 2011 due to a shortage in funds, the Bombas socks are not your ordinary kind of socks.

There was considerable thought that went behind the production of this leading brand. Generally, products created with the end user’s need end to be the most successful once launched into the market. So, this is because they don’t respond to hypothetical needs but rather founded and facts.

There are several factors that every client considers when making a purchase, whether online or in-store, ranging from the quality, the comfort, their proffered design and color, the purpose, and the cost. Bombas socks are way above other brands in every one of these factors.

What Are Bombas Made Of?

Bombas socks are made from a range of natural and environmentally friendly materials, except a few varieties that include some synthetic material to achieve their flexible nature.

For example, the outstanding merino wool socks are excellent as they give your feet a great feel, are highly absorbent, and are equally warm in the winter season, although they are perfect for the entire year. However, due to the little latex added, people who are allergic to latex are advised to steer away from buying them.

They tend to wear off quite quickly for socks of their quality, which could be attributed to more usage due to the level of comfort they offer. Some consumers who are allergic to certain natural materials are unable to participate in the wonderful experience.

Despite their attempt to respond to the entire market scope with their various cuts and prints, which a majority appreciates, some print enthusiasts feel limited. The brand imprinting their logo on their socks has been seen to make their socks appear too busy, especially for those who are pro simplicity.

Some people have complained of a too-tight fit of the socks and blamed it on their sizing criteria, terming it as inaccurate, and some sighted that they tend to shrink after the first wash, thus making them ill-fitting for the subsequent use.

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What is so great about Bombas?

This brand has exceptional customer service and a return policy. It allows the clients to return products of any amount above fifty dollars at no extra shipping cost.

Also, within a no time limit window, it goes a long way to make sure that Bombas socks are way ahead of the pack. This guarantee applies to both returns and exchanges despite the condition of the purchase.

Athletes and sporty people who would not go for cotton socks can pick these socks for comfort. In addition, the signature honeycomb arc gives extra support and helps define the shape of the foot, which is a big add-on to the incredible design.

However, due to their low absorption level, they use a mixture of absorbent material and have the hex-tec feature that makes them more breathable and absorbent.

Their compression socks are amazing, except for the exorbitant price of around eighteen dollars each pair compared to other brands available on the market.

Cons of Bombas Socks

As expected, it is almost impossible to serve every individual’s needs satisfactorily. A minor section of customers is not happy with some aspects, including the relatively higher cost. The material, fit, and durability of these socks are other areas of complaint.

Final Words

Every product has some cons. Unfortunately, Bomas socks are not out of it. But despite some cons, a person who would prefer socks will be happy to make a difference in the lives of the homeless through their purchase. So, without any doubt, Bombas socks are a perfect choice.