When To Wear Compression Socks During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a life-changing moment for any lady. Therefore, it is essential to have the proper support to avoid pain and discomfort in their legs during pregnancy. However, the best and easiest way to attain it is by wearing compression socks when pregnant. We have more details under it; stick with us.

When Should Wear Compression Socks during Pregnancy?

In pregnancy period, women’s body changes to allow for the growth and development of the baby. Unfortunately, these body changes put pressure on the mother’s legs, which may cause painful edema (swelling) on your feet and legs. Most Gynecologists recommend maternity compression socksfrom the first trimester until 3-6 weeks post-delivery. However, swelling, fatigue, pulling sensation in the calf region, and muscle pain can start as early as 17 weeks. It is therefore essential to put on compression socks as early as possible.

Why Should You Use Compression Socks During Pregnancy?

Although we expect some uncomfortable pregnancy-related side effects, these symptoms are usually unpleasant and sometimes outright unbearable. It entails a whole series of body changes and some unpleasant pregnancy-associated symptoms. Doctors therefore usually recommend medical-grade compression socks to ease and prevent these pregnancy conditions.

Which Compression Socks to Use While Pregnant?

Moderate compression socks (20-30mmHg) are effective in improving blood circulation during and after the pregnancy period. They apply pressure on the veins, keeping the vein valves in check. This enables the blood to flow smoothly to the heart. It normalizes blood flow and eliminates pain and swelling in your legs.

Parting shot

Compression socks are the best solution for pregnant women with painful and swollen legs. Therefore, medical experts recommend them early in pregnancy.