How To Sew Socks Smaller?

Maybe it’s your favorite pair of socks you bought online or a gift from an old friend- but stretched out after some period of use. Or, you have socks that are too long to wear. So, what can you can do – you can shorten socks or sew socks smaller for wearing.

So, how to sew socks smaller? Well, sewing socks smaller is a simple process that involves cutting, sewing and grafting. But it needs a bit of skill in ensuring you make the right cut and proper seam.

In this post, we will explain how to make socks smaller.

How To Sew Socks Smaller?

Caution: “Sewing socks smaller is a simple process if you take time to learn how to do it. Just be careful not to spoil the seams while stitching. Also, be cautious when cutting the fabric to ensure you don’t cut too much. You should not condemn your favorite socks to life in the drawer.”

Let’s start the steps.

Step 1: Evaluation

You need to determine how long the sock is and how much to shorten socks. To do this, you’ll have to put on the socks and mark the correct length. While doing this, remember that the fabric is elastic, so give room for expansion. Be careful not to cut too much, making the socks too tight. So, fold a section and mark the areas that have to go.

You can also use a model sock to establish the correct size. Your model socks could be an original pair that fits you right. Lay the socks you want to shorten on a flat surface and mark cut sections. Use the model to help you identify the cut section.

Step 2: Cut to shorten socks

Cut on the marked sections you made in step one to make your socks smaller. You’ll cut below the cuff and above the heel for ankles socks.

For mid-calf socks, you’ll cut below the cuff and on the mid-calf section.

Step 3: Sewing to socks smaller

Take the scrunched piece and turn the wrong side out to make socks smaller. Then take the cut sock and put them (scrunched piece and sock) together. Adjust your sewing machine seam allowance to ¼ inch, zero-width, and tension 5. Fit the pocket/cut pieces on the machine and ensure you line the edges correctly. Once you are sure everything is in order, run the machine. Remember to backstitch at the beginning and the end.

Step 4: Final touches

Test the sock by pulling them to ensure the seams are firm. Finally, cut the excess fabric, but be careful not to cut the seams.

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Final Words

It’s nothing but simply a cut-and-graft shortening of the sock’s foot-tube. Once you complete the procedure above – step by step – maybe it will seem less daunting to some! However, the idea of cutting that frightens more than the act itself. So, this is how to sew socks smaller. Make the changes today and give those socks some new lease on life.