Do Toddlers Wear Socks With Mary Janes?

Wearing Mary Janes shoes with socks was the best look back in the 90s. Recent times have seen a slow return of this fashion style, with notable celebrities approving it. However, a lot of talks are still going on regarding this fashion trend. So, is it okay to wear socks with Mary Jane Shoes? Well, to get the answer to all these things, stick with us.

Do Toddlers Wear Socks with Mary Jane’s?

Yes! Toddlers Should Wear Mary Jane Shoes with Socks. You know, shoes and socks are vital for an infant’s development. A kid’s foot is composed mainly of fat and cartilage, which need to grow into the bone when young. The child’s footwear determines how well the child’s feet develop.

 Especially for Mary Jane baby shoe, socks help in the following ways:

  • They absorb moisture, keeping the feet dry and healthy
  • Reduce friction between the shoes and feet; thus, prevent damages to the feet’s skin.
  • It provides extra comfort.
  • They help to keep feet warm during cold seasons.

What happens if Toddlers wearing Mary Jane’s without Socks?

Shoes and socks are vital for an infant’s development. But when toddlers frequently wear shoes without socks, the feet’ growth might be restricted. It can also lead to mal-alignment or limited movements around the feet’ joints.

Best Socks for Mary Jane shoes

There are no single socks that can fit well in all toddlers. It means various socks may be suitable to be worn by toddlers with their Mary Janes socks. However, the following tips will help regarding the ideal socks to wear:

  • The socks should be soft and provide good cushioning
  • They should be breathable to facilitate the easy circulation of air around the toddler’s feet
  • They should be closed toes socks to prevent toe-gripping, which could lead to deformities

Other than the above, you should ensure that the socks are not tight. Tight socks prevent growth and proper air circulation. You can roll out with this Baby & Toddler Girl Mary Jane Socks.  Check if your child is comfortable wearing the socks.

Should Toddlers Wear Socks While Sleeping

The answer to this question will depend on the prevailing weather conditions. Socks help to provide warmth during the cold season and will make the child sleep well. On the other hand, the socks can lead to be overheating when worn by a child while sleeping during hot seasons.

Parting Shot

While it’s clear how beneficial shoes are for toddlers’ feet development, it is also clear that socks are equally important. Failure to wear socks or put on the wrong socks may lead to adverse effects on the child, including limited growth and possible deformities.