What Socks To Wear With Air Force 1?

No doubt, nowadays, Air Force 1 is a popular high-top to the low-top shoe with a modern street style. But the biggest question is, how do you wear Nike Air Force 1. Especially what socks to wear with air force 1? You will get the most answer with crew socks, ankle socks, low cut, no show, or without socks. But what suits you best is the bottom line. So, stick with me to find your best suits.

What Socks To Wear With Air Force 1?

A sock to wear with air force 1 is crew socks. You can wear mini/micro crew socks with AF1. Also, ankle socks are the nearest choice. They are the most fashionable type of socks when wearing Air Force 1 shoes. However, in modern society, the Air Force shoe is associated with the hip-hop culture. There, not wearing socks for Nike air force 1 is also a trend.

Although, the socks come in different colors, they are commonly known to be white, and the second most common color is black. So now, let’s come to why and which socks to wear with air force 1.

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What Socks To Wear With White Air Forces?

Usually, you can wear it with white Nike mini crew socks. You can also wear them with black socks. But mostly it depends on your jeans’ color.

what socks to wear with white air forces 1

What Socks To Wear With Black AF1?

Well, top-quality black socks offer fashion sense with black AF1. You can pick high-quality Pima cotton, cashmere silk, or merino wool.

What Socks To Wear With Black AF1

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Why Wear Socks With AF1?

Crew shocks bring an aspect of fashion into the style. However, wearing low-cut ankle socks on your Air Force 1 shoes is out of fashion in modern society. Additionally, wearing longer socks is worst and detracts the focus from the Air Force One.

  • Socks with Air Force 1 bring about the better circulation of the blood in the legs.
  • Experts recommend that air force 1 sock wearing like compression ankle socks, dilate the arteries for good foot health.
  • Wearing socks with air force 1 dilates your legs by about 40%, which may benefit your leg’s health. Dilations prevent the blood from clotting on your feet.
  • Wearing ankle socks with Air Force one shoes helps stabilize the muscles at the calf and therefore limiting the vibration.

However, the vibration of muscles when walking may result in muscle fatigue.  The vibrations can be a major drawback, especially if you are just recovering from previous impacts.

Recommended Socks To Wear With Nike Air Force 1

The Air Force is a type of shoe that was introduced in 1982 and introduced as a basketball shoe. Currently, it has 5 different styles. So choosing socks for your style is crucial. But we recommend ankle or crew socks depends on your choice.

If you are here for air force 1 ivory snake socks, NIKE Performance Cushion Quarter Socks[Amazon] with Bag (6 Pairs) would be the best choice.


Q. Can You Wear AF1 Without Socks?

Yes, you can. It feels fantastic breathable, and comfortable in summer. But honestly, the leather Air Force 1s produce bacteria while wearing them without socks. However, most girls love to wear sneakers without socks.

Q. Can You Wear No-Show Socks With Air Forces?

Sure. You can wear no-show or low-cut socks with them. But It depends on which top of shoes you are wearing. For example, you can go with low-cut socks if you take mid and high tops. Yet, you can wear no-show socks with low-top AF1s. The choice is yours.


Most people think of socks as being used for keeping the feet warm, but what do you wear with air force 1? Already you have got the answer. However, many different color addicting socks will make you look your best. So,  if you’re looking for a sock specialist, check out the article on this website.