What Socks Do Football Players Wear?

Like many other sports, you need solid socks to play football at your best. First, it’s important to feel comfortable when you hit the pitch from head to toe. Then, focus on your performance. Unfit socks can slip down your legs and bunch up in your boots. You also don’t want socks that cause your feet to sweat.

So, what socks do football players wear? Long padded socks. As per football official rules, socks and shins must be the same length. Also, the socks should completely cover the shins. However, do you know when did footballers start to wear socks? Interestingly, footballers started to wear long socks from the 19th century.

What Socks Do Football Players Wear?

Usually, star footballers wear long socks like over the calf or knee-high socks. At the same time, some others wear till the length that hits below the knee. The core benefit of wearing long socks is covering the shin guards and keeping players steady and firm while running. However, the specialty of long socks is it padded on the toes and heel with excellent grip. Also, these socks help football players’ feet warm in cold seasons.

 Moreover, the FA official rules are-

  • Footballer’s socks, tape, or any material applied or worn externally must be the same color as that part of the sock it is applied to or covers. Briefly, the socks’ color should be the same as shirt sleeves or undershorts.
  • Shinguards must be made of a suitable material to provide reasonable protection and be covered by the socks.

Why Do Footballers Wear Long Socks?

As a whole, Soccer players need to wear long socks to secure and protect their shin guards (as it is consistently slipping back), match team colors, and ultimately keep their legs warm, protected and comfortable throughout the match.

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Top 5 Football Socks Brand –  Players Choice

The best football socks for you don’t depend on the brands. Instead, the right pair of socks depends on the length, size, fabrics, and grips that suited with you.

  1. Adidas
  2. Nike
  3. Hummel
  4. Umbro
  5. Puma

 5 Best Grip Socks for Soccer

  1. Adidas alphaskin
  2. Nike Grip Socks
  3. Falke Grip 4 Socks
  4. Pure Grip Socks
  5. Soxpro Grip Socks


Q. How To Wear Football Socks Like A Pro?

To wear football socks like a pro, first, you need 5 different things. 1. Pair of white crew socks 2. Shin guards/pads 3. Socks tape or straps 4. Scissor 5. Pair of long tight socks (selective color). Here are 5 steps-

Step- 1 Cut the long socks by your ankle height to make an upper sleeve.

Step -2 Put on your white socks and shin pads.

Step-3 Put on your cutting sleeve and cover up to shin guards.

Step 4. Tap on carefully. Tap two to four straps edging the last length of white socks and lower length of sleeves.

Step 5. Put your shoes on.

So, that is how you wear your socks like a pro footballer. Here is a video for you-

Q. Why Do Professional Footballers Wear Grip Socks?

Footballers wear grip socks for performance reasons. However, more reasons are for stability, improving boot responsiveness, and reducing internal slippage. 

Q. Why Do Footballers Cut Their Socks?

Players cut their team socks to feel the benefit of their grip socks. Also, tight socks could cause discomfort and even painful muscle cramping in footballers’ Achilles tendons or calf.

To avoid injury, players may take a pair of scissors to cut holes in their socks. However,  they have to hide them underneath because the socks’ color needs to match with their actual strip.

Q. Do football players wear compression socks?

Yes. They wear compression socks under their kit because it prevents muscle injuries. For example, football players wear compression socks to give their ankles enough support in soccer, where the ankle is often loaded by turning.

Compression socks provide support for the ankle to help prevent and treat injury. The socks are similar to an ankle bandage or ankle race. They provide compression around your ankle joint. This improves stability at the joint.


The type of socks football players wear depends on the player’s individual needs. What socks do football players wear? This varies from player to player. They’re those who prefer long socks over crew socks; others love comfortable socks. It also depends on the weather (summer or winter).