Ankle Socks Vs. Crew Socks: What’s The Difference?

Ankle Socks Vs. Crew Socks is a debate that has rumbled on for decades. Some argue that crew socks are the most comfortable and functional socks ever. Those who love ankle socks claim that they are the trendiest socks available.

So, ankle socks vs. crew cocks- what’s the difference? Well, the main difference between crew and ankle socks comes down to size and usage.

However, before deep down to other answers, let’s first look at what they are.

Ankle Socks

Ankle socks, as stated earlier, are shorter than crew socks. The socks end slightly above the ankle and a few inches above the shoe. You can wear it with various shoes, including sliders, sandals, and ankle boots.

They come in multiple sizes depending on the material, style, and brand. Quarter socks are approximately 2-5 inches above the shoe covering the ankle bone. They are popular with sports boots as they offer protection to the heel. Traditional ankle socks are slightly taller (5-6 inches) than quarter socks.

Crew Socks

Other names for crew socks are boot or work socks. This type of socks is more about functionality than style. They are longer compared to ankle socks, reaching the mid-calf region of the leg.

So, how high are crew socks? Well, it is about 6 to 8 inches from the heel to the top of the cuff.

You can wear them, scrunched, pulled-up, or cuffed. Crew socks come in different styles, colours, and textures. The texture or “ribs” gives them a firm grip and a trendy look. You can wear them with just about anything, whether casual, formal, or sporty.

Crew Socks Vs. Ankle Socks: A comparison Table

Below is a table on the difference between the two socks.

FeatureCrew SocksAnkle Socks
Socks lengthIt stretches to the mid-calf section of the foot.End at the ankle or a few inches above the ankle.
Popular heightCrew length socks 6″ -8.”Ankle socks length 2″ -3.”
MaterialCrew socks materials are bamboo, polyester, cotton, nylon, spandex, or blend these materials.Same as crew socks
Moisture retentionCrew socks a great for moisture retention. Best for dry feet.Ankle socks have excellent moisture-wicking properties—ideal for sweaty feet.
Style, designs, size, and colorAvailable in different styles, sizes, designs & color.It comes in different styles.
PurposeFormal, dressy, casual, and athletic wearLoungewear or activewear.
UsageA great option for winter and chilly weatherGreat choice for hot summer weather
Extra Cushioning at the heel and toesPresentAbsent

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Ankle Socks or Crew Socks: Which Is Better?

Crew and ankle socks are both great for protection and comfort. Both have unique features, purposes and are different in length. Crew socks are longer compared to ankles socks but have average moisture-wicking qualities. In short, they are all excellent socks.

  • For running shoes- crew socks are the winner. 
  • Ankle socks are also famous for exercising, hiking & daily use.
  • The best between the two depends on your preferences. 

However, our preference is ankle socks. Even though, if you explore why do people prefer ankle socks? You will get- for no visibility and for exercising. Also, ankle socks have excellent moisture-wicking properties that make them ideal socks for summer.

Are Crew socks the same as Ankle socks?

No. Crew socks [Amazon] are not the same as ankle socks [Amazon]. Although the two socks have similar functions, they differ in design. Their primary difference is their length size and their usage. Crew socks are usually taller than ankle socks.

Ankle socks, as the name suggests, stretches to the ankle region. Crew socks extend from the toes to mid-calf. In terms of usage, ankle socks are ideal for casual and athletic wear.

Crew socks can also serve the same purpose, but some find them bulky. Most people prefer crew socks in chilly weather and ankle socks in warm weather.

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So, ankle socks vs. crew socks- what’s the difference? The main difference between them comes down to size and usage. Crew socks are mid-calf long, while ankle socks end at the ankle.

In addition, ankle length socks are ideal for summer and crew socks are perfect for the winter period. They also have cushions at the heel and toes, unlike ankle socks. So, now it’s upon you to pick the right one for usage.