What Socks Do NFL Players Wear?

The American Football League, especially NFL, is a winter sport. A professional NFL player’s performance heavily depends on running speed, stance, and jumping. So on the 360 feet football field, physical stress hangs on their feet. Therefore, their attire is well-crafted and detailed right from the toe to the head. But have you wondered why their socks are always tight-fitting? Why do NFL players wear knee-high socks? Well, they wear long padded football socks because of rules.

However, the new NFL game sock rule allows “solid color stockings” (instead of white on the bottom and team color or stripe on top). Cleveland Browns have taken the most advantage since, wearing solid orange, brown, and white.

In this post, we’ve tried to answer all possible answers. But first, let’s look at what socks do NFL players put on.

What Type Of Socks Do NFL Players Wear?

NFL players must wear long socks (NFL socks rules). So, why do NFL players have to wear long socks? Because the NFL says, players must cover their feet from the shoe to the bottom of the pants. Also, do NFL players wear socks or leggings? Yes. Cut out long socks or leg sleeves. However, modern NFL star players like Patrick Mahomes usually wear two types of socks (combinedly).

  • Ankle, quarter or mid crew socks with
  • Compression sleeves (Also called calf sleeves or leg sleeves)
Type Of Socks Do NFL Players Wear

Socks materials: Preferable socks are nylon, polyester, spandex, or cotton-blend.

Also, one of the NFL rules is maintaining team colors and socks. So some also wear regular long socks. But in most cases, it becomes too loose and doesn’t stay up on the leg. Besides, maybe you have heard the name of long football socks in the NFL. These long football socks are also named OBJ socks [Amazon]. So, why are OBJ socks popular? Because OBJ socks provide significant compression and extra padding to legs.

So, What Kind Of Socks Do NFL Players Put On?

The best kind of socks for NFL players are those socks that provide-

  • Extra support to the Achilles, arch, and heel
  • Enough tightness/ Snug-fitting
  • Extra padding/cushioning
  • Good blood flow
  • Shin guard
  • Breathability and protection to stay on the leg.

What Are The Best NFL Socks?

NFL players wear unique socks with features that support and protect their legs. Here are the best 4 NFL socks-

  1. SLEEFS Calf Compression Leg Sleeves
  2. Under Armour
  3. Nxtrnd Football Leg Sleeves
  4. MadSportsStuff Over the Calf Socks

These are just but few popular NFL socks. Several others are in different styles, sizes, lengths, and designs. The choice of socks among players varies based on preference and their roles. The players’ role (linebacker, quarterback, halfback, etc.) also determines a player’s choice of socks.


Q. Why do NFL players put on two different socks?

One of the NFL rules states that team players should have long socks of similar colors. Wearing two socks enables the players to abide by the rule while maintaining comfort. Double socks offer more cushioning and added protection. Wearing one pair of socks puts the player at risk of blisters.

Q. Do NFL players have to wear long socks?

Yes–wearing long socks is a must for all NFL players. This rule was passed way back in 1945 by Layden Elmer. However, the NFL rules permit players to wear short socks and crew-length socks. The short sock functions as a tape, and the other support and protects the leg.

Q. Do NFL players wear knee pads?

The answer is yes. NFL players must have knee, thigh, and hip pads during games. The NFL committee passed the rule requiring NFL players to have these pads in 2013. However, with the ever-changing technology, some players are wearing thin pads. In addition, there is a belief among some NFL professionals that pads hinder performance by slowing movement. But Knee pads remain a requirement.


There are different types, brands, and models of NFL socks. So, what socks do NFL players wear ? NFL players choose socks based on comfort, durability, and injury prevention. So, the type of socks they wear primarily depends on their needs.

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