Do You Need Special Socks For Trampoline?

Trampolines present a lot of fun. But, you can’t jump with your regular shoes on nor with bare feet. Then, what do you need for jumping on a trampoline? You must wear a special pair of trampoline shoes and socks.

Why do you need special socks for trampoline? Because it prevents your toes from getting caught and saves your feet from damaging holes. Also, they provide a firm grip that protects trampolinists slip when landing.

So, If you are planning to jump on trampoline, you can keep this socks (those designed specifically for trampoline) for multiple reasons. Also-

Keep reading to know why you need special socks for the trampoline.

Trampoline Socks

As the name suggests, they are special footwear made for playing on the trampoline.

The socks have a unique design that protects the feet when you bounce. In addition, they are non-slippery and protect you from accidents, especially if the surface is slippery.

In case you slip outside the protective structure and bounce on the springs, these socks will protect your feet.

However, regular socks may not be the best option because they lack non-slip properties.

Why Should You Wear Special Socks For The Trampoline?

Safety Consideration:

This particular footwear protects you from slipping, falling, and hurting yourself. The socks have high traction outsoles that prevent the feet from sliding along the surface. As well, trampoline parks are places to have fun without any harm coming your way.

That’s why trampoline parks have strict requirements for users to wear special socks for safety considerations.

Prevents Toe Snagging:

Special socks ensure your toes are in place even as you jump high. Typically, failure to wear such a sock can lead to snagging, a common trampoline injury that happens when your toes accidentally get caught up in the holes.

Health Consideration:

Another reason to wear trampoline socks is to keep away dust and disease-causing agents such as viruses and bacteria that spread via bare feet.

Confidence Building:

Wearing a pair of comfortable, special socks to play trampoline is vital for confidence building. For example, you can play, jump and try all the tricks without the fear that you’ll probably slip and hurt yourself.

Sticky Grips Are Fun:

Since you can’t wear shoes on the trampoline, some special socks have sticky grips that temporarily hold on the surface to kids’ amusement. Therefore, such socks are excellent options for bouncing and providing much entertainment.

Protects The Trampoline Surface:

Unlike shoes, socks are made from a soft material that protects the trampoline’s surface from damage. Thus, these are essential in preserving the investment by preventing occasional wear and tear.

Where To Buy Trampoline Socks?

You can find your special socks at your preferred park. These socks are often available for sale at varying prices depending on the playground. If you have a home trampoline, you can order the footwear from online stores or shops that stock sports materials.

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Safety is the main reason why you need special socks for the trampoline. Worth noting, there’s no single trampoline park that will let you play without a pair of special trampo stockings. Besides, you’ll have more confidence jumping with non-slip socks, which can help you maintain a good balance and perfect your skill.