30 Different Types Of Socks For Women

Women have a strong affinity for shoes, jewelry, or other foot adornments. But with socks, they always started looking at different types of women’s socks. So, are socks unisex? Yes! Can a woman wear men’s socks? The answer is Yes, also!

Then why different types of socks for women? Because of the fitting. Because women generally have attractive and smaller feet than men. And the only real difference between them is the size.

So, ladies! If you have bigger feet, you can still choose yours from different types of socks for women. This sock’s post includes different types of socks for women, what to wear with them, and on what occasions. So, let us dive right in.

Types of Socks for Women

Women’s socks range from invisible socks to thigh-high socks. However, they are diverse in length, material, and type matters. So, first, find 6 different types by the length of women’s socks.

  • No show or Invisible Socks (1’’-1.5″)
  • Ankle Length Socks (2″ -3″)
  • Crew Length Socks (6″ -8″)
  • Calf Length Socks (10″ -12″)
  • Knee Length Socks (17.5″ -18″)
  • Thigh High Socks (24″ -32″)
  • Sleeves

Different Types Of Socks For Women

Women’s socks are available in unique designs, colors, styles, and sizes. Here you will find all comfortable socks for women.

1# Ankle socks for women

Ankle sock goes with most outfits; that’s why women like to wear ankle socks. It is indeed one of the shortest and versatile socks available. So it makes women’s work easy. However, ankle socks for women are-

Perfect with: Low-cut shoes. Loafers, oxfords, boat shoes.

Perfect For: Women’s athletic socks, sports, running, gym.

Color: Gray. If you love bright colors, then jewel tones, neon, pastel colors.

Excellent in: Warm weather.

Alternative Socks: Quarter-Length Socks.

Socksadviser’s Pick: Saucony Women’s Performance Heel Tab Athletic Socks

2# Crew socks for women

Crew socks are typical lady’s socks and are perfect for outdoor events. They are pretty visible when you wear them with ankle-length shoes. This sock is approximately 6 to 8 inches long. They are standard women’s socks, best for everyday wear. Therefore, it is not the right socks for wearing with formal dresses.

Perfect With: Mid or high-top shoes.

Perfect For: Running, hiking, mountain climbing, biking, business casual.

Color: Solid.

Excellent in: Summer, Winter.

Socksadviser’s Pick: Hugh Ugoli Women’s Lightweight Soft Bamboo Thin Dress Socks

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3# Mid-Calf Socks for women

Mid-Calf socks are a little longer than crew socks. They extend from the toes to the calf muscles. Some women wear it to a social gathering, like a formal gala event. Most women’s mid-calf socks comprise woolen material which helps to keep the leg and feet warm.

Perfect With: Dress shoes, canvas shoes, sneakers, flats, loafers.

Perfect For: Skiing, hiking, running, flying, traveling.

Color: Multi / Grey.

Special Attire: Trousers or knee-length skirts.

Excellent in: Winter.

Socksadviser’s Pick: Womens Fuzzy Socks Non-Slip Plush Slipper Socks

4# Knee-length socks for women/ Compression socks for women

Knee-length or knee-high socks fall under the category of long women socks. This sock goes over the calves and ankles and stops below the knee. Knee-lengths are more of a fashion statement than functional socks. It is more suitable for a formal outlook than casual wear. You can pair it with an official dress or skirt.

Perfect With: Dress Shoes.

Perfect For: Runners, nurses, doctors, gym, sports, biking, skating, jogging, dancing.

Color: Black, white, grey, navy.

Attire:  T-shirt with cargo, gym, board, Bermuda, or denim shorts.

Excellent in: Summer and winter.

Socksadviser’s Pick: Graduated Medical Compression Socks for Women

5# Thigh-high socks for women

This is the longest women’s socks available on the market. It extends from the toes to the mid or upper thigh region. The socks comprise thin hosiery material that is breathable and elastic. Unlike wool and cotton, hosiery materials are comfortable even in warm temperatures. It’s a fashion piece that you can pair with a short skirt for a seductive look. If you love to embrace your curves, a thigh-high sock is for you.

Perfect With: Boots and dress sneakers.

Perfect For: Daily wear, stage shows, theme parties, sports festivals, concerts.

Color: White, Black, Grey.

Attire: Skirt or dress.

Excellent in: Summer.

Socksadviser’s Pick: Women Thigh High Socks Extra Long Cotton Knit Warm Thick Tall Long Boot Stockings

6# Invisible/ No show socks for women

Perfect With: Sneakers, boat, loafers, running shoes.

Perfect For: Indoor and outdoor activity.

Preferred Color: Multi.

Excellent in: Summer, winter.

Socksadviser’s Pick: Wernies No Show Socks For Women

Considering materials and type matter- Here is the list of the rest 25 different types of women socks: By Name

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7# Flip Flop Socks

8# Bow Knot Ankle Socks

9# Half Socks

10# Woolen Socks

11# Crochet Socks

12# Cozy Winter Socks

13# Slip-On Paddings

14# Compression Socks

15# Socks With Trendy Prints

16# Fluffy Furry Socks

17# Tulle Socks

18# Printed Socks

19# Tube Socks

20# Slipper Socks

21# Split Toe Socks

22# Toe Socks

23# Embellished Socks

24# Lace Trim Socks

25# Ribbed Knitted Socks

26# Bobby Sock

27# Transparent/Sheer Socks

28# Leg Warmer Socks

29# Fishnet/Francenet Socks

30# Embroidered Socks

Last Words

There are different types of socks for women with varied designs, colors, and prints. Choose socks that embody your style and complement your outfit. You should also think about the event, the shoes, and the weather. The above information will help you select the right pair of socks.