Lems Vs Vivobarefoot: Who Makes The Best Barefoot Shoes?

Lems Shoes Overview:

In 2008, Andrew Rademacher set out on a mission to find shoes that would truly fit the natural shape of the foot.

After deconstructing his favorite running shoes and removing all the unnecessary material, he decided to learn the art and science of shoemaking himself.

This led him to create Lems – a revolutionary product that changed footwear design forever. With its attractive design and perfect fit,

Lems provides the ultimate comfort and support. It’s an alluring choice for those seeking shoes that mold themselves to their feet.

Lems is a footwear company that was established in 2011 and initially operated out of Boulder, Colorado.

Their goal is to create shoes that feel like you’re walking barefoot while also protecting your feet and lasting a long time.

Lems shoes are designed with a wider toe box, which allows your toes to move freely and naturally.

It has a distinct design and provides the same level of comfort as walking barefoot. They use lightweight materials to keep your feet comfortable all day.

The sole of their shoes is designed to be flexible and provide an excellent feel without compromising protection or support.

Vivobarefoot Overview:

Galahad and Asher Clark, two seventh-generation cobblers, started Vivobarefoot in 2012. The company is based on the simple idea that barefoot footwear is good for human health.

Vivobarefoot is a London-based footwear company that was founded in 2012. Their mission of creating shoes that allow you to move naturally, just like when you’re barefoot.

Vivobarefoot shoes are designed with Ultra Thin Sole Technology (UTS). It gives maximum ground feel and flexibility while still offering good protection from the elements and cushioning for comfort.

Vivobarefoot also offers a variety of fit options to ensure optimal foot health and comfort.

Lems Vs Vivobarefoot: Major Differences

Established in 2011Founded in 2012
AffordableCosts a great deal
FREE & Fastest refund or exchangeA full, hassle-free refund


Both Lems Shoes and Vivobarefoot make shoes that offer maximum comfort by allowing your feet to move naturally.

There may be some slight differences in how they achieve this comfort level due to their different sole technologies.

Lems uses a lightweight sole design that provides flexibility and good protection.

Vivobarefoot has its UTS technology, which offers maximum ground feel while still providing cushioning and protection from the elements.


While both brands have become quite popular over time, Lems has seen more success in Europe and North America. Vivobarefoot has gained more traction in Asia and Australia.

This could be attributed to the different marketing strategies employed by each company. Both companies offer different products; for instance; Vivobarefoot offers more low-profile slip-on styles than Lems does.

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Target Market:

Similarly, each brand targets slightly different markets:

Lems tends to target active lifestyles such as running or hiking, whereas Vivobarefoot focuses on everyday casual wear or formal wear.

Where one might need ultra thin soles for aesthetic purposes as well as comfortability of movement.


Generally speaking, both brands have similar price points:

Most of their products range from around $100-$200 USD, depending on the style and materials used for construction.

This puts them at mid-range pricing among other minimalist shoe brands available on the market today.


When it comes to design aesthetics, both companies offer a wide variety of styles ranging from streetwear inspired looks all the way up to formal dress shoes.

However there are some differences between how they approach design –

While Lems keeps things fairly minimalistic with clean lines.

Vivobarefoot tends towards bolder designs with brighter colors or intricate details such as perforations or embossed branding on a certain model.


All in all, If you’re looking for a pair of barefoot shoes that offer natural movement, then one of these two brands should do the job nicely.

You may prefer one looking for rugged outdoor pursuits might benefit more from the protective qualities offered by Lems.

Again those wanting something stylish yet comfortable may find better satisfaction with Vivobarefoot’s unique UTS technology combined with bolder designs.

Ultimately, it’s down to personal preference, but be sure to research thoroughly before making your purchase!