What Color Socks To Pair With Khaki Pants?

Khaki pants are must-have pants for any fashion-sensitive man. It offers a fresh and attractive casual look with a classy touch. The best thing about khakis is that they blend well with different attires. But matching them with the other outfits (socks, shoes, etc.) can be tricky. This article will highlight what color socks to pair with khaki pants.

But before we get into that, I must clarify a misconception. It is a basic rule that you match the color socks to pants. While this works for other pants, it doesn’t work for Khakis. So then? Navy, olive, and brown colored socks work perfectly with khaki pants. But you may also need to consider the shoes you’ll be wearing.

Does the sock clash with shoe color? Or does it complement your overall attire? Stick with me to get all those answers.

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What Color Socks To Pair With Khaki Pants?

  • Black Socks
  • Khaki Socks
  • Olive Socks
  • Brown Socks
  • Colorful Socks

# Black Socks with Khaki Pant

Black Socks With Khaki Pants

There is a raging debate concerning this issue. Some fashion enthusiasts firmly believe that black socks with khakis are a no-no. Others disagree with this sentiment. The truth is – while black shouldn’t be your first choice – it is acceptable. Black sock is the simplest option. If you are having trouble getting socks to match your attire, black is the solution.

You can pair black socks, khaki pants, and a black shirt. Alternatively, you can swap the black shirt with a more exciting color. For example, you can choose a shade of maroon or dark blue. Put on a black belt to complete the look.

# Khaki Socks With Khaki Pants

Khaki Socks With Khaki Pants

Yes, it is a good option, but you should avoid a monochromatic outlook. There are several shades of khaki pants, ranging from dark tan to white. So, choose tan socks that differ slightly from the pants’ color. By doing so, you avoid that dull, monotone look. Another important thing you shouldn’t forget is the color of your shoes. Before settling on a pair of socks, ensure that the color blends with the shoe.

# Olive Socks With Khaki Pants

Olive Socks With Khaki Pants

Any socks with an earthly tone will sit well with tan khaki pants. One popular earthly color that matches brilliantly with khaki pants is olive. Olive socks offer glamour, comfort, and visibility. It also blends perfectly with any shade of brown shoes.

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# Brown Socks

Khaki Pants Paired With Brown Socks

This is one of the ideal options among most men. Brown socks paired with khaki pants create a classic look with a classy touch. It is the best choice for casual wear. To make it more exciting and fun, we recommend you mix things up a little. Try a patterned shirt with some exciting colors. As for the shoes, go for something light such as Oxford or Loafers. The boots should be any shade of brown, preferably tan or light brown.

# Avoid Colorful Socks With Khaki Pants

Colorful Socks With Khaki Pants

Some colorful socks blend [Amazon] well with khaki pants. However, some can mess up your outlook. You, therefore, need to be keen when selecting them. The traditional sock colors, such as orange and purple, are perfect with khakis. Avoid socks with fancy designs, graphics, and patterns. They don’t work well with Khaki pants.

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Final Words

There are several color socks that you can pair with khaki pants. Most of these socks are ideal for casual wear. However, if you wear it to the office, try to keep things simple. Avoid socks with shouting colors, fancy and weird patterns. So, what color socks to pair with khaki pants? You can experiment with any of the suggestions above and see how it looks on you.